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Accessing PC from Retropie(PIXEL)

  • Pi Model 3b
    Power Supply used: 5.1
    RetroPie Version: 4.4.2
    Built From: Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website, then installed PIXEL from retropie
    USB Devices connected: mouse and keyboard
    Controller used: PS3
    Error messages received: "The specified location is not supp

  • @squiike What are you doing to get this error?

  • @rbaker On PIXEL installed through retropie; File manager -> go -> network = error

    It is connected to the same internet as my other computers in my house. And i can access it and transfer files.

  • @squiike I am not understanding what you are trying to do and what the error is.

  • Sorry. I am trying to view and access the files on my personal computer from my raspberry. say i want to see a movie or install a game from a huge file. I do not have storage to have it all on the raspberry. I was hoping i could do that from network, like i have from my PC -> raspberry.

  • You could try this :

    I'm certain there is a way to use your PC as storage and use the PI to 'see' certain folders but can't find it at present as I've not much time to dig it out

  • @squiike said in Accessing PC from Retropie(PIXEL):

    I am trying to view and access the files on my personal computer from my raspberry

    Just use WinSCP, it works perfectly for viewing and transferring files to and from a Pi.

  • @rbaker I dont have an issue with PC transferring, viewing or deleting files on my raspberry. But i want to access my computer from the raspberry.

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    @squiike Look in the documentation and configure your PC share to be auto-mounted by the system - Ignore the rom folder references, just create another folder in /home/pi/ and mount your PC file share into that folder.
    For instance, add to /etc/fstab

    // /home/pi/pc-share cifs username=Username,password=Password,nounix,noserverino,defaults,users,auto 0 0

    replacing the IP address at the beginning with the IP address of your PC (or its hostname) and the ShareName with the share you configured on your PC and Username/Password with the correct user/pass to access your PC.
    Make sure your firewall allows connections for the file sharing service, otherwise you'll not be able to connect.

  • Im done. Im not going to change anything on my raspberry anymore. I was in PIXEL and clicked "connect to server" there i got a window that said "connect to remote server" "Specify remote folder to connect". I guess i typed something wrong there cause now i dont have internet connection anymore. And i cannot find internet on the start panel. Also i get a white line about a cm wide on the left side of the screen in PIXEL

    EDIT: After reset the PIXEL discovered networks, and i managed to get it back on. Also, i managed to remove the white line on the left side by right clicking on it and delete. I hope later versions of PIXEL will make it just as easy to acces a pc network as it is for PC to access it. I have searched the web and i am astonished that not more people are asking the same questions. There is alot of topics on how to remote access the pie though.
    Again, thanks for not totally flaming a illiterate-pc noob full of questions :)

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