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Auto login not working

  • I just ran updates on my Pi 3B+ setup this morning and auto login is not working. It asks for lightgm. Unfortunately, sudo apt-get install lightgm is unable to locate the package.

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    Lightdm is not needed for auto-login and is not installed by RetroPie. What's the exact error you're receiving ? Have you done other configurations to the image or modified the autologin settings ? Use the setup script and go to Configuration / tools>>autostart and make sure Emulationstation is selected for autostart.

  • @mitu I have done no other configuration editing and I have already attempted to set the auto login by that method. It tells me that lightgm is missing which is why I tried to install it.

  • I have solved my own problem. For some reason I was repeatedly misspelling "lightdm" as "lightgm" in my install command. It was a chain of repeated derpage on my part.

    That is what it wanted, though. It seems lightdm is required.

  • i had the same thing like Bedar and did what mitu said:

    Config -> Retropie Setup -> Configuration / tools -> autostart -> Start Emulation Station at boot

    and it autologin after a reboot again. thx you guys for the help.

  • @dudino thanks

  • @mitu - Worked for me. I updated to newest version and suddenly auto login did not work. I went into Retro-Pie settings as you suggested, chose autostart (though it should have still been set), reset my password again for good measure, and it worked fine.

    I think sometimes people forget that Windows usually keeps settings. In a Linux environment, an update can overwrite config settings, thus requiring you to set them again.

    Thanks for the post.

  • Me too. That option in settings/retropie setup/configuration-tools/autostart/emulationstation at boot saved my day!!! Thanks!!!

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