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  • I am new to this, trying to build my own arcade together with my children. I bought a new raspberry 3b+ and a couple of btns and joysticks from ultracabs. Now I am trying to setup the system; unfortunatly I cannot seem to do so. I have added the second controler by adding the usbhid.quirks=0x0314:0x0328:0x040 ( and indeed the configuration screen now states it sees 2 different controlers. But if I try to set one up (by holding down a key, the pi sees it is a xm-10), it seems the pi automatically tries to map (wrongly) some/most of the buttons. After a while is hangs on button A - Already taken.. apparently all the buttons have been configured, but it is all wrong.

    Is this normal behavior? Or is the wiring or splitter sending out wrong signals? Can I just accept the wrong configuration an d should I try to set it straight by editting the config files manually?

    Any help much appreciated!


  • This is an indication that you have the buttons wired differently for each controller.

    Try using latest at the command line and check that the buttons respond in the same order, if not swap them so they do.
    jstest /dev/input/js0 for player 1 and

    jstest /dev/input/js1 for player 2

    Press Ctrl+C to exit

  • Hi Simonster,

    thanx for your response and sorry for my late reply. I picked up the project now and tried your command lines. I believe they are actually configured the same, but I do not think that is the problem. If I run the jstest /dev/input/js0, I just see multiple randome records on the screen being populated as if the buttons are pressed, but they are not. I removed every player2 connections, and only have the button 8 + gdn connected; now the cmd line still shows btn 8 and btn 7 being pushed eventhough I though nothing. I believe the xm10 panel must be faulty....


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