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USB Extension Cables

  • So in making an on-the-road build (One that won't be tinkered with like my home pi) that will stay in my bag, I am now left with a controller decision which will probably be ibuffalos or innext snes although I want wireless ( reviews on 8bitdo are so divided I dont know if I want the risk, and I don't want to carry PS3/Xbox sized controllers for this one. I figure I will need some extension cables and was curious if 3.0 USB cables had any issues with the Pis. I swear I read something about this before and couldn't find it, and can not find my old 3.0 extension cable to test it as I buy multi-packs of the cable types I need that come with a variety of sizes, so don't need extensions anymore. Has anyone noticed an issue with 3.0 vs 2.0 on the Pi with devices?

    Thank you

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    @thedatacereal said in USB Extension Cables:

    Has anyone noticed an issue with 3.0 vs 2.0 on the Pi with devices?

    I use USB 3.0 extension cables and haven't had a problem. I've never compared them to 2.0, but I can say anecdotally that there's no noticeable latency from just the controller cable by itself.

  • @mediamogul Ok sounds good to me. I swear I had or saw an issue before but maybe it was a bad cable. Thanks to you as always.

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    Not a problem. I hope it works out well.

  • @thedatacereal the issue you are probably thinking of is with USB 3 hubs. They just don’t seem to work, though I don’t know why. I wasted quite a while trying to get one to work until I asked if it was a known issue here. One of the moderators told me they don’t work. I exchanged for a USB 2 hub and it worked like a charm.

  • @douga Yes, that's what it was, thank you! That was strange now that I have my memory refreshed, it was bugging me not remembering where I saw that before.

  • I use 10 foot USB 3.0 extensions and haven't noticed any latency at all. I have read that USB 3.0 hubs can get all wonky with the Pi but just the cables themselves don't seem to have the same issue.

  • This is just my two cents, but I've not had good luck with 3.0 cables. Sometimes the controller wouldn't be recognized. I ended up stuffing them in a drawer and getting some 2.0 cables. They were the cheapest 3.0 cables on Amazon, so higher quality cables might work fine.

    I eventually got some 8bitdo wireless controllers. They can sometimes be a headache, dealing with bluetooth issues. But the tangled up extension cables were a bigger constant headache.

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