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Emulators for classic computers, and games that don't require keyboards

  • You've got emulators for:

    • Amiga
    • Amstrad CPC
    • Apple II
    • Atari ST
    • C64
    • Commodore PET
    • DOSBox
    • Macintosh
    • ORIC-1
    • PC-8800
    • PC-9800
    • SAM Coupe
    • Sharp X68000
    • Tandy Coco
    • TRS-80
    • VIC20
    • ZX-81
    • ZX Spectrum

    If you've got NoIntro or some other full rom set for these computers, they've you've got thousands of roms, and no clear way of knowing which ones can be used solely with a controller. I'd love to see some community generated lists for collections for any of these systems that be best enjoyed with a RetroPie or similiar couch/controller based solution.

  • @enderandrew These lists would largely be redundant as, in theory, it is possible to play any game on any of the systems you listed with a controller. Many emulators have features, such as the mapper in DOSBox, that will allow mapping of a keyboard to a controller regardless of whether the game supports a controller or not. If there is no native mapping feature, then there is xboxdrv.

    Personally, I have games for Amiga, C64, DOS and ZX Spectrum all running with a controller, including Chuckie Egg which has no joystick support whatsoever.

    If you are still looking for games with gamepad support, then I suggest browsing Moby Games.

  • Regardless of reasons outlined by @dudleydes, it's mission impossible since there's over 40K games for ZX and C64 alone...who's going to make such list?
    If you'd really insist, you can obtain lists of text adventures for each system and then filter those out. Still, a heap of work.

  • I can just recommend you to get a small wireless keyboard/mouse device, like the one i have
    Rii i8 Wireless:

    I use this whenever mouse clicks or some keys have to be pressed, but otherwise play the most games with the gamepad. The emulators itself even maps some of the keyboards to gamepad. The Amiga emulator which I use needs a mouse (which is covered as a touch pad on the Rii device) to select some settings or the disks. It is so small like a gamepad and could even be used on the couch.

  • Show me how to play Zork with a gamepad and I will love you forever.

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    @thedatacereal said in Emulators for classic computers, and games that don't require keyboards:

    Show me how to play Zork with a gamepad and I will love you forever.

    Forever's a long time. Can I just have the cash equivalent?

    sudo /opt/retropie/supplementary/xboxdrv/bin/xboxdrv \
      --evdev /path/to/joystick/event \
      --detach-kernel-driver \
      --dpad-as-button \
      --trigger-as-button \
      --silent \
      --axismap -Y1=Y1,-Y2=Y2 \
      --evdev-absmap ABS_X=x1,ABS_Y=y1,ABS_Z=x2,ABS_RZ=y2,ABS_HAT0X=dpad_x,ABS_HAT0Y=dpad_y \
      --evdev-keymap BTN_THUMB2=a,BTN_THUMB=b,BTN_TOP=x,BTN_TRIGGER=y,BTN_BASE3=back,BTN_BASE4=start,BTN_TOP2=lb,BTN_PINKIE=rb,BTN_BASE5=tl,BTN_BASE6=tr,BTN_BASE=lt,BTN_BASE2=rt \
      --ui-buttonmap guide=KEY_RESERVED \
      --ui-buttonmap a=KEY_A \
      --ui-buttonmap b=KEY_B \
      --ui-buttonmap x=KEY_C \
      --ui-buttonmap y=KEY_D \
      --ui-buttonmap lb=KEY_E \
      --ui-buttonmap rb=KEY_F \
      --ui-buttonmap lt=KEY_G \
      --ui-buttonmap rt=KEY_H \
      --ui-buttonmap tl=KEY_I \
      --ui-buttonmap tr=KEY_J \
      --ui-buttonmap du=KEY_K \
      --ui-buttonmap dd=KEY_L \
      --ui-buttonmap dl=KEY_M \
      --ui-buttonmap dr=KEY_N \
      --ui-buttonmap start=KEY_O \
      --ui-buttonmap back=KEY_P \
      --ui-buttonmap guide+a=KEY_Q \
      --ui-buttonmap guide+b=KEY_R \
      --ui-buttonmap guide+x=KEY_S \
      --ui-buttonmap guide+y=KEY_T \
      --ui-buttonmap guide+lb=KEY_U \
      --ui-buttonmap guide+rb=KEY_V \
      --ui-buttonmap guide+lt=KEY_W \
      --ui-buttonmap guide+rt=KEY_X \
      --ui-buttonmap guide+tl=KEY_Y \
      --ui-buttonmap guide+tr=KEY_Z \

  • I know where you are coming from with this enderandrew. I am putting together a handheld machine running Retropie and has only a single Thumbstick and and 4 buttons + 2 shoulder buttons. It will work fine for most emulated systems but I would like to also run C64 and Amiga games that I used to play when I was younger. I have had limited success in the past trying to get these working without a keyboard attached - which kinda goes against the idea of a handheld device.
    I have started putting together my own list of games but it is a bit of an exhausting process.

  • Actually, any emulator of console has no problem, emulating computers and home computer instead require a keyboard and/or mouse because these were peoduced and meant to be used with that peripheals, emulators only recreate original machine behavior.♠️🕹🎮

    Only solution i can think of are wifi infrared/bluetooth mouse and keyboards; but strangely today i discover on the market are appearing some keyboarxs with touchpad incorporated! Like the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400, ran across an handful of models on a mall this afternoon but these seems to be all wireless; i'd expect some usb wired model, hopefully.

  • Well I 100% agree with you. I use my retro pie as a controller only solution for the TV. I think a list of controller only compatible games for these systems is a great idea.

    There are lots of fantastic games on the 8 bit and 16 bit computers that are never discovered by younger gamers or gamers in countries where the computers were not popular and everyone was on console instead. People avoid trying to emulate the old computers as lots of people play controller only.

    By trial and error you can find games which don't need a keyboard. It would be great if more people played these games and discovered some of the many, many hidden gems on the 8 bit and 16 bit computers.

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