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Issue Booting Retro-pi on a Raspberry Pi B+ model

  • Im using a raspberry pi b+ model, It wont boot Retro-pi but rather when I do boot anything it prompts this screen and says "Not Syncing" alt text
    (for reference it says exactly this: 1.03303] Kernel panic-not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs as unknown-block(179,2))
    I've cleaned the SD card multiple times even reset it in command prompt, I've tried different outlets, cables and different downloads of Retro-Pi, event switched out Win32ImageWriter for etcher and all. I'm lost and I've searched a little online with no luck. Any help is appreciated.
    I am using a basic USB B hooked up to my computer (500 watt power supply on idle)

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    Are you using the correct image ? From the screenshot, it looks like 1 raspberry - i.e. 1 CPU core - is detected by the system, which is not what it should look like on a 3B+ (with 4 cores). Use the correct image (Pi2/Pi3) from and reflash again the SD card using Etcher.

    Use a proper power source and not an USB cable, the ports on a PC are not providing enough power. USB 2.0 provides 500mA and 3.0 900mA, while the Raspberry Pi 3b+ needs 5V and 2.5A with a good power source. What you have right now it's not nearly enough.

  • @mitu alt text
    I do not believe Im using a 3B+ (sorry Im still new to Raspberry Pi's

    And for the power source Ill see what I can do

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    @magia said in Issue Booting Retro-pi on a Raspberry Pi B+ model:

    I do not believe Im using a 3B+ (sorry Im still new to Raspberry Pi's

    OK, then in this case you have the correct image. What model/capacity of sd card are you using ?

  • @mitu alt text
    using a sandisk 16 GB. (This was my suspected issue), Im also getting errors constantly with the SD card. Ill replace it tomorrow and see how it goes

  • @Magia Please use the correct Raspberry Pi - image it's the Rapsberry 0/1 Image - you seem to have a Raspberry 1 B+

    Then use etcher or any other software to burn it to SD, but I think there is something wrong with your SD card. Incompatible or a chinese plagiate? Where did you get this card - maybe ebay?

    Did you do any overclockings?

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