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Xin Mo 2 Player - Cannot get to work despite following all guides here

  • Please help.

    I have the Xin Mo dual controller (older version with usb printer type cable) connected to a Pi 3.

    I have edited cmdline.txt to have usbhid.quirks=0x16c0:0x05e1:0x040 added on the end. When I do this and go to the /dev/input/ folder I see js0 and js1

    When I run jstest o both of these they work fine and both sides have the exact same button numbers.

    Rum emulation station and I can use the joystick to go left and right in the menu but no buttons work to select the configure menu in retropi, I can only go left and right.

    If I delete the above line from cmdline.txt it works fine but only detects one gamepad not two.




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