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Nintendo 3DS Theme (WIP)

  • Nintendo 3DS Theme

    I thought about creating a theme based on and inspired by the look of the menus used on the Nintendo 3DS for small screens for the FreePlay Zero by Freeplaytech.

    Here are the download links for both versions of the theme:

    3DS Theme
    3DS Theme Dark (Soon)

    Useful links


    • Big font for a better visibility
    • Not to much information
    • Very light and clean design
    • Support grid view


    Put the downloaded folder in one of those paths:

    • ~/.emulationstation/themes
    • /etc/emulationstation/themes


    This theme is designed for 4:3 aspect ratio (640x480) and works on small screens.

    Additional Informations

    For an improved user experience, adjust the following options within EmulationStation:

    Mains Menu > UI Settings:
    Carousel Transitions: OFF
    Transition Style: INSTANT
    Gamelist View Style: GRID
    On-Screen Help: OFF



    Special thanks to EctoOne on helping on this theme.

  • What exactly do you need help with? Are the images just mockups? Otherwise I can't see anything different from the coding side. The only thing I can think of that might be an issue is having the developer/publisher name beneath the game name on the gamelist view. I'm not sure if grid view supports any of the metadata yet.
    I probably could create a base theme which then only needs to be filled with images. I've done that for the chicuelo theme as well.

  • @ectoone Thank you for the answer! Yeah this is only mockups so it would be amazing if you could create a base theme, I can provide you with the images if needed. Maybe we could replace the metadata of the developer/publisher name by the type of game, by the way the Chicuelo theme is awesome that's the one I'm using for my TV!

  • @malixx Here is a first version of the base theme.
    System View:
    alt text
    This uses the same method I used on the Chicuelo theme to display the text.
    Grid View:
    alt text
    Like I said, grid view doesn't support any metadata yet, so it's only possible to display the game name right now. Another thing is, that it is not possible to have boxart going of screen, like you have in your mockup on the right/left side. This is because how grid view navigates, it is not working like the system carousel where the selected system is always in the same spot. Instead you move the cursor around, and that would obviously look bad if a game was partially of screen. Also don't mind the frames around the boxart, they are just the default ones and can easily be removed/changed.

    The best way would be, if you could create a repository on github with some images. Then I can fork it, do what I can do and send a pull request so that you (or others) can add systems and stuff later.

    I also suggest creating a background image for the text based gamelists.
    Here is an example:
    alt text

  • @ectoone Wow nice you are fast! Thanks for the insights, I will have to make some tweaks to my images then and I will create a GitHub asap!

  • @ectoone Ok there it is: give me your username so I can add you to the Collaborators list :)

  • Pretty cool! I love the 3DS UI.
    I think you should separate the objects that i've marked on another layer and use a zindex higher than the carousel, that will prevent it to fade and you can use another transition styles to create new effects, like i did on swineapple and stranger stuff.

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