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Controller Not Working For PS1 only

  • Pi Model: Pi 3b
    Power Supply used: A 50/60hz 250mA
    RetroPie Version: up to date
    Built From: Premade Image
    USB Devices connected: USB Keyboard, external hard drive Western Digital 2 TB and a USB controller. External powered usb hub
    Controller used: PS4 and X-Arcade Tankstick

    For some reason, every other emulator works just fine with my ps4 controller but all of a sudden the playstation one emulator will not recognize the controller. It used to work, I tried different combinations of analog settings, standard settings, retropad setting with and without analog but it will not recognize anything anymore. It will even load the core when the game leads up, all the retropie shortcuts work. I even reconfigured the inputs. And even reflashed an older working version of my retropie card image back to the card. It says no controller plugged in at all on the games themselves. Any ideas? You guys always help me out a lot, thank you.

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