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American Laser Games playable on the pi 3?

  • So before i start messing around, i wanna ask if its possible to play American Laser Games on the RPI3B? And is there a speciale way to play them?

    I Have a wii bar with usb and and wiiremote.

  • @trekdrop Might be tough. It looks like some of the games are on the compatibility list for lr-mame2010 but most are noted as DOES NOT WORK with no additional notes. It might be about missing or limited light gun support in that emulator core. The titles all seem to be dependent on a specific BIOS file which makes sense. These compatibility documents are crowd-sourced, so it is possible that whoever was testing these titles did not have the BIOS file, just the ROM file and did not realize the dependency. Maybe it works fine with a full romset.

    lr-mame2003 and AdvanceMAME have better support for the lightgun controllers, but it does not look like the ALG titles are in the romsets for those.

  • @caver01

    I will mess around with them and see what will happen.

  • You can play the dos versions in dosbox and lr-dosbox with a mouse. Video quality is a bit poor, Mad Dog Mccree is probably the most playable.

    You can also play any released on SegaCD using a controller.

    Ideally we could do with the Pi Daphne emulator getting Singe support which means they would work and probably in high quality.

    My understanding is that the there is no source code for the newest Singe version so it can't be easily ported and the main developer is off grid. There is an older version of the code so maybe someone could pick it up but as it works fine on PC there is less incentive.

  • @MrLightgun said in American Laser Games playable on the pi 3?:

    Video quality is a bit poor

    I love FMV games, but your quote applies to pretty much all of them! XD The low quality cheese is part of the charm.

    American Laser Games stuff would be a challenge, but the Sega CD versions that I have are definitely "craptastic". I would definitely play the Sega CD versions as I've yet to get any Daphne or Saturn version to work.

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