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Overclock with Controlblock

  • Hi,

    I had a setup with the Pi3B, Jessie and the ControlBlock. I remember having a lot of trouble with the overclock in combination with the ControlBlock and at the end it didnt work for me (glitches, stuttering, undervoltage and so on...)

    Now I use the 3B+ with Stretch 4.4, original raspi ac adapter, good quality cables and the ControlBlock2 and I want to add N64 games to my setup. Of course I need to consider overclocking again.

    If somebody has experience in overclocking the Pi3B+ with the Controlblock, I would appreciate any advice.


  • @superpitendo Following this, I’m in the same boat. I have the same setup and I added small aluminium heatsinks. They are know for not helping on their own. I’m planning to add some kind of extension to the heatsink so that it would become bigger but extend to the sides, since it can’t be higher. I’m also thinking about adding a fan to the side of the Pi that would blow inbetween the two pcbs.. I’ll let you know when I get something done (could be another few weeks).

  • @m2306 I also need a few weeks to finish my stuff and get back to the Topic. I will keep you up to date as well!

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