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Theme development question regarding variables.

  • Hi I'm very new to this but have been tinkering with the Tronkyfran theme. I've made it so the boxart shows for a second before the video plays and I've overlayed the marque over the top right hand corner of the video.

    What I would like to do is also display the Cart image from a folder called cartart but I can't find any way to reference the game filename.

    I was hoping to be able to make my own image with the following as the path statement;


    However when I look in es_system.cfg as suggested in there are no variables for the filename.

    Is there any way to achieve what I want? I've looked at the code of other themes and none of them appear to do this only reference set images for things like joysticks etc.

  • @haleice there is no variable that can be used for game images. You are limited to the media files specified in your gamelist.xml.
    Variables are only available for system related images or text.

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