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How do you use the Mame2010 Tab menu?

  • I can't remember how to use the Tab menu.
    Initially I press Enter to select a menu item.
    When I try to remap buttons I get < >
    I presume that means I can press a button and have that recorded, but when I press a button I get two buttons recorded, then 3, then 4!
    TAB or Joystick Right or Joystick Left or Button 1...
    Well this has me beat - the list just gets longer and longer lol.
    I finished this fiasco by pressing Enter and now Tab opens the menu and when you select an item with Enter it actually closes the tab menu instead! I vaguely remember this happening to me every time I have ever tried to use this UI...
    How is it supposed to be used?

  • @crumbs I don't know Mame2010 in particular, but in all other Mame versions I know, you add keys to a function while staying in its line. If you move to another function and return, it will start again with one key. I hope that my description is comprehensible. :)

  • Hi,

    if you want to reset the settings that you made wrong in the mame menu, delete the following file:


    the file will create new with default settings after restarting mame2010


  • @crumbs I think if one presses escape on input query it will clear the entry; possibly backspace or spacebar? Delete clears an entry.
    Or as clyde said, cycling to a different menu entry.

  • problem is mame2010 isint done properly. It only maps the retropad to mame default keys. There is nothing you can do with it as is. I think a a few of these lr-cores are half done and abandoned. I have put pull requests in to fix the input up but no dice so far. Until its fixed use another lr-mame like 2003/2003+ series or advanced mame.

    The issue is here

    proper fix pull request is here

    alternative fix for the hack job that was done that maps your retropads is here supports 4 players pull request is here

    only one can be used but if you want to use the 2010 you will need one of them dont waste your time trying to get it working

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