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Atari2600 & Custom Collections!

  • I have been trying to make my own menu and cannot find the answer anywhere

    I have added my Atari2600 Rom pack to retropie and have then created a new collection called Atari flashback 2

    I have added the games to the folder, but can i hide the atari2600 from the menu? I could just use the atari2600 folder, but I want to eventually to have Atari Flashback 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 game folders.

    If it can’t be done, I will just have to Iive with the atari2600 folder.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

  • @stephendm Here is the documentation for creating a new system in ES:

    If you use the custom collections feature ES, then it's not possible to hide the Atari 2600 system from ES.

  • Thanks Dudleydes


  • hey thanks for your advice, which i tried at when i got home, this is where i am now

    I am running Retropie 4.4 and after looking for the es_systems.cfg i found out through google
    that it’s now a file called Platform.cfg

    So i copied one of the systems and adjusted to suit my new system

    i edited the Atari2600 code to atariflashback2 as below

    atari2600_exts=".7z .a26 .bin .rom .zip .gz"
    atari2600_fullname="Atari 2600"

    atariflashback2_exts=".7z .a26 .bin .rom .zip .gz"

    i then added my rom folder with the same name atariflashback2 with working roms

    then i went to configs / and copied the atari2600 folder and edited the two files as below.

    lr-stella = "/opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/bin/retroarch -L /opt/retropie/libretrocores/lr-stella/ --config /opt/retropie/configs/atariflashback2/retroarch.cfg %ROM%"
    default = "lr-stella"

    Settings made here will only override settings in the global retroarch.cfg if placed above the #include line

    input_remapping_directory = "/opt/retropie/configs/atariflashback2/"

    #include "/opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg"

    then i went into the themes folder and created a new atariflashback2 system folder.

    reboot and nothing shows up? i have tried for hours, there must be another step/s to get the new systems to show up?

  • @stephendm The file platforms.cfgcontains a list of permissible extensions to be listed in es_systems.cfg for a particular system. It serves no role in determining which system(s) appear in EmulationStation. The file that does this is es_systems.cfg.

    Editing es_systems.cfg is covered in this section. First you need to create a custom copy so that it doesn't get overwritten if you update or install a new emulator. You can do this with the following command:

    sudo cp /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg.

    It is the copied file in/opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/ that you need to edit to add your new systems for them to appear in ES (after a restart).

  • @dudleydes

    I realised after looking at your response, cyber duck was putting me in home/pi. And this is why i could not find the es_systems.cfg.

    Anyway i decided to start afresh with a new copy of Retropie 4.4 and added the heychromey theme.

    I edited the es_systems.cfg file as you mentioned (below)

    <fullname>Atari Flash 2</fullname>
    <extension>.7z .a26 .bin .rom .zip .gz .7Z .A26 .BIN .ROM .ZIP .GZ</extension>
    <command>/opt/retropie/supplementary/run-command/ 0 SYS atari2600 %ROM%</command>

    Added new theme artwork folder and still not getting anything, do i have to edit other files or created a new config folder and edit those files?

    Slowly going mad over this frustrating thing! all help is very much appreciated!

  • @stephendm The entry for <theme>is incorrect. It should be the name of the artwork folder.

    btw the custom es_systems.cfg file is also located in /home/pi/.emulationstation. This is a hidden folder so you would need to change the settings in Cyberduck to view it. This file is symlinked to the one in /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/ so any changes in one file will be reflected in the other.

  • @dudleydes

    Thanks for your continued assistance.

    I have adjusted the file to the artwork folder as below

    <fullname>Atari Flash 2</fullname>
    <extension>.7z .a26 .bin .rom .zip .gz .7Z .A26 .BIN .ROM .ZIP .GZ</extension>
    <command>/opt/retropie/supplementary/run-command/ 0 SYS atari2600 %ROM%</command>

    And created a new config folder atariflash2 and edited both files to reflect atariflash2

    But i am still only getting the config menu, am i suppose to be doing something through the menu to activated the theme, literally been on this all day and tried everything i could think of before bothering you again.


  • @stephendm Have you added any roms to the atariflash2 folder? A system will only appear in ES if it has at least one rom.

  • Hi,

    Yes, i have added the rom files to flash3 (new name) and no system shows, if i drop the roms into the 2600 folder they do show up? The roms are working, images and snaps work great in the 2600 folder?

    <fullname>Atari Flash 3</fullname>
    <extension>.7z .a26 .bin .rom .zip .gz .7Z .A26 .BIN .ROM .ZIP .GZ</extension>
    <command>/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/ 0 SYS atari2600 %ROM%</command>

    I have a roms folder called aflash3 and a image file in heychromey folder called aflash3

    i created a new es_systems.cfg. file and edited it to above and then used cyber duck to place it in the opt/emulation folder. I then downloaded to check it had upload correctly?

    Still get the same? No aflash3 system??

  • @stephendm Can you give the exact location of the es_systems.cfg file?

  • opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/es_system.cfg.

  • @stephendm I have added your code to my copy ofes_systems.cfg, added to a newly created aflash3 folder in the roms folder and the Atari Flash 3 system appears in ES after a restart.

    First, try restarting ES and see if your new system appears. ES should be restarted for any changes to es_systems.cfg to take effect or for newly added roms to appear.

    Otherwise, it may be worthwhile checking your es_systems.cfg at an XML validation site for errors.

    ES does create a log file, es_log.txt in /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/ so it may checking this file for errors.

    Feel free to post your copy of es_systems.cfg or es_log.txt at a site like and I can take a look.

  • @dudleydes

    have you an email, i can share a dropbox folder with you?

  • @stephendm You can put a link in this thread.

  • @dudleydes

    Yes, Forgot you could do that. :)

    checked es_system.cfg at an XML Validation site and got no errors.

    Here's the link, thanks

  • @stephendm There are a lot of warning messages in es_log.txt about missing files in the heycromey theme. Could you try the default Carbon theme? Restart ES and let me know how you get on.

    Feel free to post a copy of es_log.txt after you have restarted ES if it's still not working.

  • @dudleydes


    No aflash3 icon yet.

    i have put a copy of the es_log.txt in shared dropbox. Thanks

  • @stephendm Line 7 in es_log.txt tells me that ES is loading the default es_systems in /etc/emulationstation, not your custom version.

    Can you run the command ls /home/pi/.emulationstation and check that es_systems.cfg exists in that folder?

  • @dudleydes said in Atari2600 & Custom Collections!:

    ls /home/pi/.emulationstation

    I have reformat my sd card, new retropie image, updated system and download new theme heychromey.
    created a new flash2 image folder and new flash2 rom folder.


    below is where i am


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