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Trying to build my own controller from a MSP432 Microcontroller for use with the RetroPie Software

  • I have been trying to assemble a controller/gamepad that will operate with RetroPie Software this has to be done using a MSP432 Microcontroller. And so I am having trouble with getting the MSP432 to communicate with the RetroPie Software on the Raspberry Pi. My options for communication are UART, SPI, or GPIO Pins.

    If someone could please offer some insight or input into how I can possibly solve this issue it would be greatly appreciated.

    I am operating with the following devices and software:

    Raspberry Pi 3
    TI MSP432
    RetroPie v4.4

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    @kdragon_2 RetroPie is just Raspbian Linux underneath, so as long as your setup works with Raspbian and the OS detects your setup as a controller, RetroPie should recognise it and use it. As for the how to communicate with it, that's up to you - Linux/RetroPie already includes a few drivers that interpret GPIO inputs as a controller - look in the Docs.

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