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4:3 Screen - Borders on 4 sides

  • Working on a cab build that will have a Samsung 204B LCD monitor, 1600x1200 screen 4:3 ratio.

    Trying a 4:3 theme, getting it setup on my TV for now since cab is well, just a pile of parts right now.

    Splashscreen, main screen games etc... all have a black bar on all 4 sides, and not just a small amount, it's a big sized bar. What controls the overall size of everything in RetroPie?

    I'd like to set it up as 4:3 and either 1600x1200, or 800x600... but lose the black at the top and bottom. Where do I go for that?

  • Global Moderator

    Probably you'll have to play with the Overscan settings to see if you can remove the borders.

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