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Which Controller Should i Buy?

  • Good Morning!

    I am new in this Forum and need your Help!
    I have bought a new Rpi3b+ and want to create ma first RetroPi Console.

    But now i am looking for the "right" Controller for me!
    I want a wireless controller, but I can not decide between an original PS4 Dual Shock Wireless Controller or the replica from China!

    The Original Sony Playstation 4 Dual Shock Wireless Controller costs about 50€.
    And the Replica from China costs about 25-30€.

    Did you mean, that the Replica from China whould also works?
    I can also send you a link to the replica, that i have found ;)

    Best Regards

  • Global Moderator

    @xenon2008 said in Which Controller Should i Buy?:

    Did you mean, that the Replica from China whould also works?

    Could work, if it's compatible with a DS4, but considering the shipping costs, wouldn't you rather buy a DS4 ?

  • I think there is no real answer as this depends on your own needs.
    But a good selection of pads can be made here
    Heard only good reports from these

    I use Snakebyte idroid:con
    They are solid made and have look of XBox or PS pads, price is extremly cheap $10-$15 because they need some fiddling in setup. But I was able to set them up in besides RetroPie in Recalbox, BACTOCERA, Kodi ....

  • Hello!

    Thanks for your Answers!


    A Snakebyte Bluetooth Wirless Controller like the blue:con (PS3 Bluetooth Controller) also costs about 30€.
    And the SNAKEBYTE GAME:PAD S PRO costs about the same..

    The idroid:con does not seem to be available anymore :(
    Where have you bought yours?

  • @xenon2008


    I think it was on Amazon Warehouse deal
    10 or 15$ each

    Yes... out of stock
    There are some on

    But I think for 25$+ I would rather buy 8bitdos

  • Thanks for all the answers!

    I just ordered a new 8bitdo SN30 Pro Bluetooth via Amazon for 38 € =)

    Best Regards

  • Hello @xenon2008 do you know how to connect the. Snakebyte GAME:PAD 4 S Wireless with
    the RetroPie???

  • So far, I got a really long usb extension cord ($5) and a cheap 4 port hub ($7) that sits on my coffee table next to the couch. Not wireless but works well enough so far.

    I use a couple of generic snes usb controllers for a bunch of systems (nes, atari 7800, snes, game boy, game boy advance, sega master system, and other such games). For the a+b button systems, I just remember to use only the bottom buttons. I do have some nes usb controllers, but TBH have found the SNES ones to work well enough.

    I use a couple of the official Sega 6 button USB controllers for the sega games.

    I haven’t worked my way up to any modern controllers yet, but plan to at some point.

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