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Bartop arcade on a adjustable desk

  • Did this 2 years ago with help from collegues.
    Found an un-used electric adjustable desk so kids and tall people could play. Not at the same time though. Can also be lowered so that you can sit in a chair.
    There are 2 mandatory cup holders and the Raspberry-pi and etc is inside the bartop.
    The spreaker protections was made by a friend with a 3d printer.
    Also made the distance between each player wider.


  • A very nice yet practical design. How long did it take to build it and where is it located (at home, the office, a youth center etc.)

    The Transformers logo (am I right?) is a nice touch. :)

  • @clyde It took a couple of weeks and we where a couple of people that did it. The logo is indeed a transformers logo and it the decepticons logo. Had a Autobots logo with backlight but I did not use that for a couple of reasons. Its in a game/relax room at the office currently.

  • @magnum77 Thanks for the information. I wondered where it stands because you mentioned kids as well as "tall people". :)

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