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Sega USB hub build - UP Core PC Board

  • I got some great inspiration from the previous Sega USB hub builds with RPIs and wanted to share my Sega USB hub build with a twist.

    Getting started:
    I started this before some of the new retroarch enhancements came out with the "runahead" lag reduction feature - I was disappointed with the built-in "extra" frame of lag in the RPI GL video driver and saw that KMS mode in Linux/PC environments could shave that off. After some research I settled on the UP Core Board with an Atom CPU, built in storage and memory. It's actually smaller than an RPI and arguable much more powerful.

    I borrowed heavily from the previous excellently documented Sega USB hub builds, so I don't have much to add as far as ideas go, but I will say that the Up Core board made some things much easier. specifically:

    • built in USB header on board

    • built-in power switch functionality

    • Built-in FAN power header (used for LED)

    • Built-in Wifi connector (purchased a small antenna)

    These saved space and made some things easier. I was able to purchase the right connector to interface with the boards power/reset switch and also solder the USB header connector right to the provided USB hub on the board. I was also able to use the built-in 5v fan header to power the LED on the Sega Hub to make it come on/go off when its powered up/powered down.

    I also used a dremel to cut out the "cartridge" area on the top of the hub and used some perforated plastic/fan covering to hide the heatsink a bit, similar to one of the RPI build I saw in the form here - I think it looks pretty sharp!

    As it stands, a simple push on the power switch will turn on/boot the device, and a slight push/hold will power it down. The LED will light up upon power-on and turn off on power-down. Wi-fi works, I'm able to emulate NES/SNES/Genesis all with Runahead latency mitigation set to 3 frames using KMS video mode in Ubuntu Linux. I'm quite pleased with the build and hope the pics help out if someone was interested in a similar build.

    Again, most of the "design" borrowed heavily from previous Sega hub builds, with modifications as required to use the features above on the Up Core board.

    Stand offs for board - hot glued.
    alt text

    Cutouts for connectors
    alt text

    Fit in the hub case/Mounted. The UP Core board fits PERFECTLY within the "dome" of the cartridge/logo area of the top half of the USB hub. I spaced the standoffs to fit within that part of the dome due to the heatsink being a bit tall.
    alt text

    It fits!
    alt text

    Rear View/Cutouts
    alt text

    Soldered connections for USB hub
    alt text

    USB all set, board and hub mounted in case
    alt text

    Fan 5V header for LED connection (required a small resistor)
    alt text

    Power Switch mounted
    alt text

    Everything ready to go!
    alt text

    All done - Works GREAT!!!!!
    alt text

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