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  • Hi.

    I am having lots of fun tinkering with Retropie and the emulators that are supported. Since I use Retropie I have added most systems that are possible but not all. For example Vice in Retropie gives C64 as its main roms to play. I tried to also add C16 and Vic-20 as Vice supports them also.

    The last time I tried to cloned the C64 system to a separate Vic-20 system it kinda worked but after adding all the Vic-20 roms they both dissapeared. The C64 system but also the Vic-20 system. Still have to look into that.

    To keep it simple I could place all roms in the C64 folder and change the system to play.

    Since Vice supports separate systems and maybe other emulators too could it be possible to add these systems preconfigured in Retropie in a future version.


  • I separated Vic-20 and C64 by "cloning" the c64 system and adding a vic-20 specific logo; you can find it here among many other custom svg logos for Retropie.

    retropie svg custom logos
    As it is quite easy to add new systems (or "clone" current) in Emulationstation (as explained in this guide) I doubt all possible Vice supported systems will be added by default as preconfigured to Retropie.

  • Yes I did 'clone' all the files and folders as you said following the guide you mentioned a few days ago. Will give it a go next time I have my days off.

    As I mentioned had the hick-up when I placed all the roms in the Vic-20 folder after maybe another restart the c64 roms and also the Vic-20 roms disappeared. Maybe I missed some read or write policies. I am sure it will work out fine. If it works fine with you then I will get it working also.

    Only had some troubles with .tap files. You also use the dsk format, right?


  • @whirlinurd I usually use mc (midnight commander) when copying folders with raspbian. Never had any read/write rights related issues.
    Concerning Vic20 programs and games, .prg format seems to be the most common (both for tapes and cartridges) and that's what I use; so unfortunately I can't tell about .tap files.

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