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ES Custom SVG Logo pack (includes specific Mame logos)

  • Vector Custom ES Logo pack
    (svg files + setup instructions) can be downloaded from the dedicated Repo.

    All tested with Carbon theme; should work with Simple too.

    Originally created to provide specific custom Mame logos for Advance Mame, Lr-mame and Mame4all,
    now includes various systems, brand logos and custom collections.

    How to install: here.

    If you're interested in creating your own vector logos, this tutorial provides the basics.

    Original logos, graphics and trademarks are property of their respective owners.
    Not for commercial use.

    This first post will always provide link to latest versions and update info.

    Sep 10, 2017 : Taitronics and Irem logos added.

    You can actually find versions of these on some websites/forums, unfortunately none of those was exactly resembling the original logo. Decided to recreate them from scratch after checking original arcade flyers and Cabinets. While not surely perfect the Taito Taitronics logo is very detailed and matches the original (as usual the problem is unavailability of high res source images).

    Aug 27, 2017 : Cave logo added (by request)
    alt text

    Aug 11, 2017 - more "old" vendor logos done:

    Also started moving these SVGs to a new dedicated Repo on Github (as requested by @Meleu).
    Complete migration will take some time as I'm also rechecking/improving while moving.

    Jun 20, 2017 - Shoot'em up SVG logo created:

    0_1497995251456_shmup_udb.PNG (available in the "more" folder.)

    Jun 10, 2017 - MegaMan SVG logos created:
    Available in the More folder here.

    Mar 18, 2017 - Vector Games logo created:


    SVG available here.

    Feb 4, 2017 - following Commodore logos created:
    cbm logosYou find them in the /more/cmb folder.

    Jan 11th, 2017 Update: Technos logos added.

    Jan 7th, 2017 UPDATE
    Various Brand logos added in the "more" folder: Namco, Midway, Konami, Sega, Taito, SNK, Gamecube with white text

    Dec 30th, 2016 UPDATE: new svg vector logos added (in the "more" folder)

    • Capcom
    • Capcom CPS 1, 2,3 and "generic"
    • Atari (red version)
    • Neo-Geo System and "Faces"

    Nov 24th, 2016 UPDATE:

    • added custom logo for Gameboy Advance (for mGBA emulator)
    • as some user had issues with zip format, folders and files are now directly accessible (uncompressed)

    Sept. 24, 2016: added Playstation logos for PSX.
    PSX logo usually included as standard with ES themes is not the correct one ("a" in PSX logo was different - thanks @Dominus for pointing this out in his post).
    The logos in the Pack are made with the original right version of "Playstation".

    Oct 2nd, 2016: Arcade custom logos added
    Arcade Classics logo created; if you use the arcade folder to keep your favorite old games or to create a dedicated theme.
    3 replacement logos for Arcade; "inspired" by Nintendo,Capcom & SEGA.

    Oct. 9th, 2016: SEGA logos added
    2 for Mega CD and 1 for 32X

    Overview of main included logos (all scalable vectors):

    0_1484169610260_ES custom logos.png

    For additional info on SVG & Emulation Station check this thread.

  • @UDb23 really cool logos! Thanks for sharing!

  • Overview of the logos included-> see updated pic at the beginnig of this Thread.

  • Correct Playstation logo added + 2 new variations.

  • SVG Custom logo pack update:Arcade
    0_1475422897870_Arcade logos.PNG
    Arcade Classics logo: if you use the arcade folder to keep your favorite old games or if you want create a "classics" system theme.
    +3 replacement logos for Arcade: "inspired" by Capcom, Nintendo & SEGA as U can see :-)

  • @UDb23 Are you practising mind reading too? This is exactly what I want! :-)

  • How Is it possible to add the missing "arcade" image to my eudora theme?

  • @Brigane I've never used the Eudora theme so far but I just checked the source on Github. You can create the 'arcade' system copying and modifying Eudora's Mame theme xml, creating the 'Arcade' folder and editing es_systems accordigly.
    Basically in the same way you create specific Mame systems as explained in the readme.txt provided with my svg custom logo pack. Please note that, according to Github, system logo Image in Eudora must be named 'logo.svg' instead of 'system.svg' in Carbon.

  • @UDb23 Thanks, I can't seem to be allowed to make the arcade folder though. WinSCP has some permission issues.

  • @Brigane I use Putty under Windows to ssh into the Pi and have no issues with permission. Usually I creare folders with Midnight Commander; have you tried: "sudo mc" on the Pi?

  • @UDb23 Yes, I created the directory and have the files in /eudora/arcade folder, but how do I rename the svg. files? Is it possible with "sudo mc"?

  • This is my logo for Mega CD,I was sick of it saying Sega CD..;) can you make it into svg for me,I couldn't figure it out..?? if anyone wants to use it with ES they can..:)

    alt text

    Just right click and save as,its a png,It has a transparent background.

  • @spannernick1 Thanks, It's a awesome logo :D

  • @Brigane Yes with mc ( Midnight Commander) you Can easily copy, move, rename & delete files. Did you edit the es_systems file? You can do that also with mc. Just try it, interface is self explanatory.

  • @spannernick1 I can try to vectorize it and create a svg file. Can you provide a higher resolution original image of that logo ?
    Please also note that ES does not support Shadows and gradients, so your logo in svg will look slightly different.

  • @UDb23 I haven't sorry but I could make one in photoshop,If the logo don't look as good then leave it,but thanks.Its looks ok in ES anyway as a png.

  • @spannernick1 Found it thru web search. Will create svg over the weekend and share. Then you can decide which one you like more ;-)

  • Banned

    One thing I really like to do with retropie is breakup the arcade roms into Cps1 s2 then have a cave catorgory and possible a vertical category. Rather switch sytem that scroll a mish mash list since Neogeo has broken out of mames section.....Is that possible?

  • @twd there's a nice theme making tutorial on the wiki.

  • @UDb23 Thanks,I do have a copy of Mega CD 2 logo as well if anyone wants that to,I made it when I was using my Mega CD 2 with mega Drive case..?

    Here it is anyway...:)

    alt text

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