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Strange problem after i updated about a month ago, and still after i updated today

  • Alright past month after i updated i'll select a game in RetroPie using different systems / emulators . And right before the game starts there is always that pop up that lasts a few secs giving you more options like choose a default emulator or a specific emulator for a rom and ect . Well randomly something gets triggered to enter those settings for that pop up to open, and on it's own it always scrolls to the top. I'll try to press down and it fights me going back up immediately. So i have to wait 2 - 3 mins to try to scroll down and launch the game or exit without launching.

    This seems to come and go for some reason. I'm getting very annoyed by this honestly.

    Well today i was having trouble with it entering that pop up right before a game scrolling up and not letting me scroll down easy. So went to update again and when i get to a option of clicking yes and no on something it's moving back and forth randomly.

    I don't think this is RetroPie problem though. But there are lot smart / helpful people here that might be kind enough to help me understand what is going on and a possible fix maybe.

    I apologize about my wording trying to explain this situation i'm dealing with. I'm not good at explaining things especially through text.

    The problem seems to have temporary went away again after updating twice.

    Thanks for the time.

    Pi 3 Model B +
    Power Supply used: official pi 2.5v
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.4
    Built From: Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website
    USB Devices connected: wifi, keyboard
    Controller used: Logitech F310 gamepad

  • @rbaker Thank you for the reply. No i haven't and really don't want to turn off the runcommand. I use it alot when testing Mame roms. If there is no other solution guess that's what i'll have to do unfortunately.

    Thanks also for telling me the name of the pop up is runcommand.

  • @rbaker Actually now that i remember runcommand wasn't my only problem. When given a yes or no option when trying to update earlier kept moving between yes and no by itself constantly. Appears i'm the only one affected by this problem.

  • @dan18774 Sounds like a controller issue. Does it do the same thing with just a keyboard configured? Can you try with a different controller?

  • @rbaker my controller is fine and mini keyboard is fine as well. I'll just deal with it issue as it only happens randomly. If it gets real bad i'll start over from scratch. Thanks for the reply Rbaker!

  • @dan18774 I had a gamepad that appeared fine and I had the commonly reported issue about the gamelist randomly scrolling upwards. It didn't happen all the time. Here is one example thread but you could find more.
    I changed my controller and I have not had it since.

  • @dan18774 said in Strange problem after i updated about a month ago, and still after i updated today:

    @rbaker my controller is fine and mini keyboard is fine as well.

    How did you test that?


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