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Upgrading from Pi 3 B v1.2 to 3 B+, SD not booting

  • Hello! I have a pi 3 B v1.2 with a 64BG SD card. I have put a ton of time into getting all the settings the way I want them. I recently bought a 3B+. I ran apt-get update/upgrade, dist-update/upgrade, but no luck when I put the SD card into my B+.

    The B+ gives me a rainbow screen and lightning bolt. I know this usually indicates a bad power supply but I am using an official power block that has always worked for me on my 3 B. Also, I tried a fresh install on a different SD card and it worked fine on my B+. What do I need to do to get the SD card that works great on my 3 B working on my B+?


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    @aschwan just transfer the files over. It's not a simple process to upgrade the OS.

  • I just went through this myself.

    My Pi 3 B image was started as a 4.3 and then upgraded to 4.4, but when I put that in the 3 B+ it would not boot.

    It turns out that Raspbian had to be updated to support the 3 B+, this updated core is called Stretch, where the old core was called Jessie.

    The 4.3 image used Jessie and the 4.4 image uses Stretch. However, updating from 4.3 to 4.4 stays on Jessie, which is why mine wouldn't boot.

    I read that you may be able to force to 4.4 Jessie to a 4.4 Stretch, but general advice is to do a brand new 4.4 Stretch image. This is what I did and mine booted up fine.

  • @jjack229 @herb_fargus Thanks for the replies!

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