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Wiring the PowerBlock to the RPi?

  • Re: Powerblock: bypassing USB power

    So, much like this topic, I am trying to use the PowerBlock without using the micro-USB on that board. Instead, I wish to somehow use the micro-USB jack on the RPi itself to power the PowerBlock board.

    Any ideas?

  • If you power the RPi using the microUSB of the RPi itself you will loose the power switch and reset functions on the Powerblock. When the Powerblock is used as designed using its microUSB connector, power to the RPi is controlled by the Powerblock and routed to the Power and Ground pins of the GPIO connector. When the RPi is booted up the driver and control service of the Powerblock will initialy interrogate the status of the Powerblock board and intitiate the boot up process. If the microUSB on the RPi is used to as power source, all of this is bypassed and the RPi will power up as if the Powerblock does not exist.

    The only way to use microUSB on th RPi together with the Powerblock is to isolate the RPi's micrUSB connections from the RPi itself (cut the traces from the RPi) and rewire them to the Powerblock's microUSB connector. Doing so is a mute, waste of time, potentially damaging to the RPi exercise.

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