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  • Ok, hopefully I won't get flamed for this but I am very risk-averse and having spent ages getting my Retropie exactly how I want it I don't want to mess things up...

    I am running an older version of Retropie, 4.3.16, and I believe that in order to get the latest update I am better off doing a new install as there have been big changes to the OS. However, I do not want to have to start a completely new install and have to remember how to set everything up from scratch afterwards.

    So, in essence, is there a way of transferring all the files I need over to my Mac, formatting the sd card and putting on a brand new image of Retropie and then transferring everything back over and it all being how it was before, settings, theme etc? If, so what folders do I need to backup? I have ftp'd into the pi and only see two folders - Retropie and Retropie-setup, I am currently grabbing them just in case that is what I need to do.

    Any and all advice appreciated as always, I have read up as much as I can but sometimes I just end up going around in circles and wondering whether I am looking at stuff that is relevant. Also, although I did all the setting up of Retropie myself and learned a load while doing it, I seem to have forgotten most of it! I am also copying the opt and etc/emulationstation folders, I guess there is stuff in there that I would need later.

    Or am I really better off just backing up the sd card, formatting it, doing a clean install of the trope image and starting from scratch and transferring the Roms etc back over - I don't want to do this as it looks great at the moment and the likes of Daphne was a real bugger to sort out first time round!

  • Maybe backing up your current image and try updating without starting from scratch?

    Am i wrong anyone?

  • You can also upgrade to stretch, following the steps provided in this link:

    Make a backup first!

    O and this link answers your question:

    Is there a reason you want to upgrade? I have a jessie image as well that I spent a year on building it..I'm not upgrading anymore, as there is no reason for me to do so..and I could only risk messing some stuff up.

  • @bobharris Hi, I am upgrading because I figured there will have been performance improvements that would perhaps help with various emulators.

    Have decided to make a full img backup, then will try doing the upgrade within Retropie and see how I get on - if it messes up for any reason I will just write my original image back and use that version, spending ages trying to get it all up and running again seems like a lot of work.

    I also have to build a zero from scratch for a handheld project so I have plenty to do at the moment - thanks for the replies guys!

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