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  • Hello everyone new here so it's my first post, i have a problem i need help with.

    I have 4 PS3 Shanwan clone controllers all which are paired to the Retropie and work pretty good when playing games, opening menus etc and thanks to the latest pie a fix for the constant rumbling when connected via usb. They all do the job they are supposed to BUT with 1 problem. Every time i am in a game regardless of game or emulator if i leave the controller for a number of minutes the controller shuts off as they should but when it comes to re pairing, the controllers flash but can't be paired again unless i go back to the Pie menu. So when i have left the controllers for a number of minutes and they shut off i am stuck in what ever game i have paused and have to revert to the keyboard to get out of said game to re pair the controllers.

    Is there a fix or a way i can re pair the controllers if they shut off in any game as having to go back to pie menu just to get the controllers re paired is annoying and i would prefer not to have to go through that role every time i get distracted away from a game long enough the controller shuts off.

    My specs are

    Board - Pi 3 B+
    OS - 4.4

    Any other info you need let me know and ill post it. Cheers

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