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SNES PAL Cover collection

  • Hi all,

    I've spent the last year or so restoring and remastering the entire PAL cover collection, as well as transforming the NTSC covers to the more colourful PAL format. It's definitely been a labour of love and would like to share it with anyone that might be interested.

    I've swapped out all of the SNES Mini USA covers as well as tried them out with EmulationStation, Mala, HyperSpin and Launchbox and I'm extremely happy with how they've come up.

    I will update any covers on Github as I find better and sharper scans, but wanted to share these how they currently sit.


  • Awesome Work. Many Thanks for this.

  • Global Moderator

    Great work !
    Have you though about adding them to a specialized site - like or ? This will make them gain a wider audience, since there are a lot of applications that use the sites' API to download artwork for games.

  • @mitu Thanks mate!

    Definitely did consider it. I went with Github (at least in the short term) just because there's still some rough and average covers in there and figured I could continually update and upgrade the covers with Github and there'd be a log of the updates for anyone following too.

    Plus the thought of uploading 800 covers individually to the sites... painful :)

    I'd like to chat to the admins of thegamesdb and screenscraper though and see if we can work out a way to funnel the right covers to the right games though. Eg. PAL games source the PAL cover. I find that the scrapers generally return the US artwork anyway, so there's a bit of manual work involved unfortunately.

  • @PittStone Thanks mate!

  • Amazing! You are very kind to share this.
    Thank you so much!

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