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Retropie no longer supporting Jessie

  • So I just did an Update on Emulation Station and now I'm being told that retropie will no longer support Jessie and will stop updating binaries for it.

    That update I did took awhile it took like 12 to 16mins updating the Xboxdrv for some reason, it looked like it was getting overhauled. So why are you stopping binary updates? Aren't there a lot of people here still on Jessie?

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    @RedBatman because it's no longer supported by the Pi Foundation as it says in the message. You should update to Raspbian Stretch. I can't see any good reason for supporting it any longer - already have for some time after it stopped receiving kernel updates. Just uses up more of my time.

    Why haven't you updated?

  • @BuZz Well I have seen that upgrading can cause issues when going to stretch which is why they are saying fresh install. I haven't done it yet due to my college studies. Don't have time to fiddle around much now and days. I think when I do upgrade will probably be n a new pi or sd card. Since I have a lot of ROMS and such.

    Out of curiosity if I update from source would that work or is that a bad idea?

  • Is there a way to upgrade to stretch without having to basically restart from scratch, I have spent quite a lot of time trying to set things up and don't fancy starting again,

    Is there an upgrade process, that way i can create a backup of my current set up, try the upgrade and see what happens, then if it all goes terribly wrong i can revert back to my backup


    p.s. I understand this is an upgrade that i will probably need to do at some point, especially if we are stopping support for jessie, its just the difference between a few hours of 'updating' vs a few days of pulling all my roms/setups/configs then re-setting them once i have re-installed retropie.

  • @Andrewpk200 if you use a crossover cable and hook your pi directly to your pc you can have everything transferred in no time.

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