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scraping erase some metadata from scraped roms

  • hello
    i am trying to put tougether a portable station in windows

    i have update the ES to 2.8.0rp-dev
    and also retroarch to 1.7.5
    when scraping my games in ES i am having a problem,

    there is a couple of games that are i would say in conflict between them
    E.G: breath of fire 1 and 2 from GBA
    each time i scrape them there are three scenarios
    first: non of them are scraped, i scrap them find the two of them scrape them and when i quit ES and re enter only one of them is scraped.
    second: one of them is scraped the other one no, i have for example BofF1 scraped , i scrap BofF2 and when i re open ES BofF1 loss all the information; and i beging a loop that each time i have one or the otherone scraped.

    any help with this?

  • Global Moderator

    @otaolafr you already opened a topic with this problem last week,why are you opening a new one ?

  • i opened a topic of the scraper that wasnt working at all (thanks for the help :) ) as i "succeded" or at least partially to make it work i though it would be something for another topic, no?

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