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Hiding a system from the carosel

  • Hi,

    I'm looking to (visually) hide a system from the main carousel.

    I'm doing an arcade only build and my setup is currently based on custom collections e.g.



    To make it look nice and neat, I want to remove systems from the main carousel: Arcade, Neogeo and FBA.

    I tried commenting out this from the es_systems.cfg however doing that removes any related games from each custom collection.

    Is there a way to visually hide those systems? I haven't found a whole lot by searching.

    I'm currently using Carbon as a theme.

  • @chum The alternative to using custom collections is to create your own systems in EmulationStation. You can find documentation at:

    This process will involve some work so it may be advisable to start with a fresh image. Not only will you have to organise roms into specific folders, you will need to assign the appropriate emulator, MAME or FBA, to roms using the runcommand menu.

    My advice would be to base each collection on the configs for the arcade folder. This will give access to both MAME and FBA emulators.

    If you are happy to use the command line, then it is possible to auto-populate the file that stores the per-rom emulator assignments, /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulators.cfg so having to avoid doing it for each rom via the runcommand menu.

    For the FBA folder, you can run the following command:

    ls -1 RetroPie/roms/fba | sed -e 's/\.zip$//' -e 's/_//g' -e 's/^/{custom_folder}_/' -e 's/$/ = "lr-fbalpha"/' >> /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulators.cfg

    where you would replace {custom_folder} with the name of the rom folders containing Run'N'Gun, Platformers, Puzzle etc..

    You would then need to repeat the command for the Arcade and Neogeo folders and for each emulator you are using except the default.

  • Ok great. Thanks for the advice.

  • @chum I thought I'd share my approach that involves little work.

    On my arcade only build, I have placed all of my roms in the arcade folder and assigned the appropriate emulator for each rom. I have then scraped the roms, making sure that the genre category is populated for each rom.

    In the game list view in EmulationStation, it is possible to filter roms by genre by pressing Select to bring up the Option menu and navigating to Filter gamelist by to select a genre.

  • Yes I have I thought about that however I think it's easier for other people to understand navigating between genres using the carousel rather than filtering. It also makes for a simpler user experience. I'll give the system method a go.

  • I'm also interested in this. I rebuilt my system in ES instead of Attractmode. I use separate folders - FBA , NEOGEO, and MAME.

    Then I created a custom collection for 90s and 80s games, made a folder in the theme for each and they appeared on the main carousel.

    If I remove the FBA , NEOGEO, and MAME by commenting them out in es_systems.cfg, the roms they are attached to also disappear from the collection.

    I simply want them gone from the view, but not the backend.

    Any way to do this??

  • @dudleydes Thanks, I've already made the two new systems by making custom collections. but I need to remove the old ones. It looks like Emulation Station doesn't allow you to remove a system from the carousel. If I remove them in the es_systems.cfg, the roms they are attached to also disappear from the collection.

    It used to be that you could do this - -
    but collections are the new hotness.

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