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  • Can anyone help me set my controller for Drastic? I was able to run Meleu’s Joystick Selection, and I was able to set my wired PS4 controller to run on the PlayStation emulator as JS1 with no problem. Now everytime I run PSX it’s looking for my PS4 controller which I’m very happy with :)

    I haven’t been able to do the same with Drastic though. I know it’s experimental and I assume that’s why it isn’t listed under joystick selection, but has anyone had any luck setting up Drastic with a specific controller? It’s seems as if it randomly selecting a controller when I boot retropie back up.

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    @yorks361 drastic is not a RetroArch emulator, so the joystick selection script won't work. It could be that it chooses the gamepads in the order the OS is ordering them (which is not always the same, hence the confusion).
    What you could try is unplugging the controllers, then plugging them in the order you'd like to be detected (P1, P2, etc.).

  • @mitu thanks mitu! Does it matter which USB port I plug the controller in or should I just try plugging the PS4 controller to every port until it works?

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    @yorks361 I didn't mean 'port', but 'player'. Remove all controllers, then insert the controller you want to use in drastic - doesn't matter the port. Or if you are using them wirelessly (Bluetooth), disconnect them all, then connect first the controller you want to use in drastic. It should be the 1st controller identified by the system and - hopefully - the first one found also by drastic.

  • @mitu understood. I went ahead and unplugged my other controllers and plugged in the PS4 controller alone. Then I used m on my keyboard to set it. Is there a known way to permanently keep these settings without having to return to the keyboard again?

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    @yorks361 said in Joystick Selection for Drastic (Nintendo DS):

    Is there a known way to permanently keep these settings without having to return to the keyboard again?

    I don't know, but you can give it a try to see if adding back your controllers and rebooting keeps the controller settings in drastic.

  • @mitu yup it seemed to remember the controller when it was the only one plugged in. What I’ve noticed is that the controller is switching to and from JS0 to JS1. I just configured it with the keyboard and it’s JS0 again. I’m wondering if having multiple controllers plugged in at one time might be the issue. I’ll try running Drastic and using just the lone PS4 controller and hopefully it works out!

    Thanks again!

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