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  • I'm using a Pi3 B with the Plus version of the NESPi Case (it comes configured for safe shutdown and reset). Before installing the shutdown script, RetroPie starts up fine and functions as normal to play games. After installing the script (I'm using the one mentioned in the NESPi manual), upon startup the system will get to the splash screen and then shut down (the LED goes out, but the fan remains running until I turn off the power switch). At that point the reset button does function to reset the system, but it again shuts down after reaching the splash screen. I have the switch inside the case set to "ON". I tried it with the switch off as well just in case it was wired backwards, but that didn't help. I do have another case coming in a few days, so I should be able to tell then if it is a hardware issue.

    This is my own build of RetroPie. I'm wondering if existing shutdown scripts are causing the problem. On my original Pi, I have a RemotePi board from MSL Digital, and I installed their scripts to make this work (script info here:, so that script would still be in the build I'm using in the NESPi. Could this be interfering with the NESPi script? If so, is there an easy way to remove existing shutdown scripts?

    I've also seen the alternative script on here by @cyperghost , but I'm not confident I'm understanding how to install it. If someone could walk me through that, maybe it would function as a workaround to my problem.

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    For support on the RetroFlag switch, you should ask them on their support/project page.
    I'd still recommend the script by @cyperghost, it's easy to use and has really detailed instruction both in the topic started and on the github page.

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