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Error Parsing XML File ... No Document Element Found

  • I have seen other topics about a similar issue but have not been able to resolve this by reading those threads.
    (running retropie 4.4.4, 5V / 2.5A power supply)
    I recently followed this guide to migrate my SD card from a Pi 3 to B+ :

    Everything seems to be working (except something about the bluetooth on startup but I'll address that later).
    Here is a picture of the error messages I'm getting:
    alt text

    I'm a windows user and haven't figured out how to view/edit all of the files on the Pi/SD card yet. I originally used a premade image by Damaso and have only added/removed roms by accessing the Pi over my basic windows network (I can only see the bios, configs, roms and splashscreens folders). I ran the scraper hoping it would write new game list files but that didn't fix it. My favorites list was noticeably shorter after seeing these errors but I am able to add games to favorites and they remain there after restarting. Any help is greatly appreciated and I'm aware that this may be redundant, lacking necessary info and generally annoying.

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    @benjaminjay We don't support 3rd party images. Favorites disappearing might be normal since the scraper will re-write the game in the .xml files and reset the 'favorite' tag from the game.
    If you want support here, start with the image from

  • @mitu So the favorites list shrinking and error messages took place after I migrated my SD card to the Pi 3 B+ using this guide:

    Prior to following this guide, the 3rd party image was working flawlessly...

  • Ok, I seem to have figured this out by installing WinSCP, navigating to the files listed in the error messages, deleting them, and then running the scraper to regenerate the files. Now to sort out the bluetooth issue....

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