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Video previews in MAME no longer working

  • Hi,

    I recently updated retropie which I have running on a Raspberry Pi 3. Oddly, the video previews I have for the MAME games no longer work, whereas the video previews for Atari 2600 and Intellivision are still working fine. I typically get the audio of the preview but the video is just a big black box.

    I erased all the MAME video previews and used Steve Selph's scraper to get the video previews again, and I suffer the same problem. As I've written above, the Atari 2600 and Intellivision video previews still work fine.

    Any advice on how I should proceed?


  • Global Moderator

    @slimbrick This has been reported quite a few times in the previous week - due to a bug in the new VLC version, some video snaps are not working properly. Either switch to using omxplayer for previews or wait for an updated VLC version which should solve this problem.

  • Thanks. I'm sorry I didn't look thoroughly enough before posting to find that the problem already was reported. I tried omxplayer but it didn't work on the MAME video previews either. In fact instead of getting a black video preview with audio I got nothing. I'll just wait for a fix to VLC.

  • Global Moderator

    @slimbrick That's most likely some video codec that's not understood by omxplayer. It's also a common problem, there are a few topics on how to re-encode those videos to be compatible with omxplayer.

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