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Emulator File Abbreviations List

  • Does anyone have or know where I can see a list of which systems equate to what file folder name? I know most of them are obvious but I'm not sure what they all mean. For the life of me I cant seem to find a list anywhere. I know the Retropie site lists all the systems it can play but that doesn't help if i don't know what name abbreviation goes to what system. If I had a list I could easily see what file each set of roms go into or i can look for roms for that system I don't have yet. Thanks in advance.

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  • I think you're right, this information is dispatched on every emulator specific doc entry, but there is no central documentation AFAIK.
    It could be a nice addition to the docs.

    Here are for the least obvious :
    fba - Final Burn Alpha
    fds - Famicom Disk System
    gb - Game Boy
    gba - Game Boy Advance
    gbc - Game Boy Color
    n64 - Nintendo 64
    ngp - Neo Geo Pocket
    ngpc - Neo Geo Pocket Color
    psx - PlayStation
    sg-1000 - Sega Game 1000
    snes - Super Nes

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    It's enough to look in the /etc/emulationstaton/es_systems.cfg - that's where the folder/system mapping is kept.

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