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Hyperkin X91 not detected

  • I'm trying to install Retropi on a Pi 3 B+. I've loaded the SD card with image "retropie-4.4.rpi2_rpi3 that I downloaded from the Retropi website and booted up. I have a Hyperkin X91 controller plugged into the pi, actually have tried 2 ports. but the emulator does not recognise it. I get the message " No Gamepads Detected. Hold a button on your device to configure it" which I did but nothing happens.

    Can I use the controller?


  • Global Moderator

    Looks like it's not. The first hit on amazon has 1 question specifically about RetroPie (no, it's not working) and one - kind of lonely - 5 start rating that states

    Great for gaming on the go. Also ignore people that wrote reviews including the rasberry pi. This product was never advertised to work with those and should not effect the way people view this product.

    They say it's PC compatible, so it shold be handled by the xpad driver, but it's probably not known the the driver. If you're willing to try a few CLI commands, we might make it work, but there's no guarantee.

  • mitu

    I'm not sure what CLI commands are, I assume I would enter those through terminal. It wouldn't hurt to try.

    On the other hand I just bought this controller from a local gaming store. I told him what I was using it for, he said if it doesn't work I can bring it back and exchange it for another one. Is there a list of what controllers to use? I did see on the retropi website in the installation section where they show a couple of controllers and what the buttons are, I could get one of those. What controller do you use?

    Thanks for the help

  • Global Moderator

    @johnl52 In this case, you could return it and get a normal Xbox One/360 controller, or a PS3/PS4 controller (they work also via Bluetooth).

  • @mitu

    Awesome! that's what I'll do then. I've read that Bluetooth controllers can get hung up, of course I read that on the internet so it must be true :).

    I'd rather go with a Bluetooth one anyways as there's no cable for me to keep tripping over. What are your thoughts on the Bluetooth controllers?

    Thanks again, I really appreciate the info

  • Global Moderator

    @johnl52 The Dualshock 4 (Playstation) controller is a good choice for a RetroPie controller and had excellent bluetooth connectivity.

  • @mitu

    Thanks so much for the help. I'll let you know how I make out.

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