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Riecast seems to change configuration on load up every time.

  • Hey all - I am using Pie 4.4 and I updated the riecast packages from source before I began.

    I am using the following steps to setup the controller:

    I also attempted using the riecast retropie package script.

    The configuration for controller_xxxxx.cfg is being set and modified as I would expect.

    I went into the emu.cfg file and made sure the input ID is correct(3 for my scenario) and that it is pointing to the right cfg mapping file.

    The problem is as soon as I load dreamcast the controller doesn't work. If I go back to my config file I can see the ID has been changed to 0 which is wrong.

    I tried setting the emu.cfg file to read only but that also didn't work. The file didn't change however I still had no control.

    Originally I was setting up 2 players off same ID, so I thought that would be the root cause of the problem. I changed it to only 1 player for the time being. I did notice though when I loaded a game it would change that property as well, every time.

    Is there anything else that should be looked at?

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