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4 in 1 controller

  • Hello friends,

    I purchased a mysterious 4 in 1 controller similar to the one called "SKILEEN 4 in 1 Retro Game Controller Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad" on amazon.

    It connects in four different ways depending on how you set the controller, either for switch, ps3, android, or usb. It works fully over USB with the xbox360 drivers, but I'd like to be able to get all buttons working over bluetooth so I can use it wirelessly.

    USB mode - All buttons work

    PS3 mode - I can't connect over bluetooth, either using regular bluetooth stack or the additional PS3 drivers (including gasia etc.) It will rumble when connected via USB as part of the pairing process but will never actually pair.

    Switch mode - I can connect as a Pro Controller. However, the dpad does not register in emulationstation nor as an event in jstest. I can set the left joystick as the dpad as a workaround but I'm trying to get the dpad up and going.

    Does anyone have any ideas about connecting via PS3 mode or if I can do some configuration to get it to recognise the dpad in switch mode?

    Thanks for any ideas!

    Here's the system info:
    Pi3 B+
    2.4A power supply (Samsung)
    RetroPie Version 4.4.4
    Built From: Fresh retropie image
    USB Devices connected: Keyboard with own bluetooth dongle
    Controller used: Generic 4 in 1 controller

  • I don't know a software solution, but as a last resort this PS3 wireless adapter may work. According to its feature list, "in DirectInput mode, the bundled software is needed for Vibration", and I suspect that this software comes only for Windows. But apart from that, it should work out of the box without any driver installation. I'm using its Wii U Pro variant with my Pi 3.5b to my full satisfaction. It ended the ghost inputs I had when my controllers were connected via the Pi's integrated bluetooth chip.

    I'm not associated with Mayflash in any way, just a satisfied customer. 😊

  • Thanks Clyde, I'll keep that solution in mind. I know knockoff PS3 controllers are tricky. Thanks for your help :)

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