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Waveshare Game Hat - thoughts.

  • It's a shame one can't configure the analogue stick as both digital AND analogue controls, you could then use the analogue controls in MAME for Outrun, Pole Position, etc.. If there was a switch to flick between analogue and digital, that would make it almost perfect.
    One other slight downside is that there is no screen protector, such as a small piece of glass or plastic. I might see if I can get something on ebay, the screen can collect a bit of dust, scratches, etc.. if it's not protected.
    I now have mine mirrored to my other Pi 3B+, so I have a almost 1:1 copy of my sdcard. This is where it shines because I can switch off the Pi on my CRT, and carry on gaming on the Game-Hat.

  • Some pics. The Game-Hat isn't screwed together, so I could take some internal pics.


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    Got one of these now.

    Currently setting it up - Their drivers pack is a bit hacky. They have modified the source of mk_arcade_joystick_rpi rather than just providing a custom config. No need to use anything from their drivers so far.

    You can use the mk_arcade_joystick_rpi driver from retropie-setup. Once it is installed go to /etc/modprobe.d/mk_arcade_joystick_rpi.conf and change it to

    options mk_arcade_joystick_rpi map=5 gpio=5,6,13,19,21,4,26,12,23,20,16,18

    these values were extracted from their hacked driver.

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    Their default config.txt has a 640x480 which doesn't match the actual display resolution. They also have the custom screen mode set to 4:3 ratio which seems wrong but maybe it matches taking the pixel ratio into context. A custom screen of 480x320 didn't seem to work anyway - but a mode double that does. Going to have a play about with the display settings.

  • @BuZz thanks for the posts, very useful as someone putting this together for the first time.

    For the resolution side of things, I have this working in config.txt:

    hdmi_cvt=512 384 60

    I went with the smallest 4:3 mod8 resolution that worked... My theory being that the smaller the resolution the better in terms of performance - seems to be behaving itself.

    I did try 3:2 to keep it in-line with the screens (apparent) aspect ratio but it didn't provide good results on PSX (wasn't making full use of the screen).

  • This is in my config.






    hdmi_cvt=480 320 60 1 0 0 0




    I use 480x320, system-wide. I found anything lower didn't look as sharp as native res.

  • @John_RM_70 had a quick go with your config but was getting the blank screen issue...

    Will try again in the near future though, glad you've got it set properly :)

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    @John_RM_70 maybe the screens or controller board are not all the same as my screen does not like running at native Res. (No output). Which is a shame.

  • @BuZz That is a shame. Hopefully, this isn't a quality control thing and Waveshare aren't cheaping-out on some screens.
    Have you or Arptastic, tried their official image ?
    Links here, at the bottom of the screen. Maybe worth a test, if you have a spare 8Gb sdcard lying about.

    Would be interesting to see what resolution that image boots up with, and how they've setup the emulators.

  • I stick with the hardware 4:3 option you can find in the IPS screen menu, so Two vertical black lines, but aspect ratio is respected.

    I have issues with it's battery : It is an "MX JOE" 18650 battery, mainly used in Ecigs... NOT so good ..(rewraped they say)
    this battery is advertised at 3000mah with a max instant current draw of 35 Amps.
    I do NOT think It is true though, since I have not a long Time to play before I see the small bolt upright.
    I think I am going to swap for a Sony VTC6 battery that seems to be a little better after reading tests on ECIGS forums...
    this hat only uses 1 Slot for a 18650, and I was wondering If I could put a 2 batteries slot (in paralel) to get a better autonomy...
    I admit I do NOT know anything about electronics and I was wondering If this could fry either the hat or the pie...
    Does anyone have an advice about that ?
    I know It is retropie forum and It Is NOT related to hardware. But maybe someone in this huge community has the answer....
    voilĂ  !
    Please pardon my bad English...
    good day everyone !
    merci !

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