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[SOLVED] Mario 64 freezing issue

  • All,

    I've recently started using the N64 emulator mupen64plus and have got very good results with Mario Kart 64 and Zelda OOC. I then decided to try Mario 64 and everything was going swimmingly until I jumped into the first painting. Half way through the level it froze. And when I say froze, it started with Mario being multiplied as he moved and the landscape multiplying. Then it froze.

    Pi Model or other hardware: 3B+
    Power Supply used: official Pi 5v adapter
    RetroPie Version Used (eg 3.6, 3.8.1, 4.1 - do not write latest): 4.4
    Built From: pre made SD Image on RetroPie website
    USB Devices connected: none
    Controller used: 8bitdo SF30 pro via Bluetooth
    Error messages received: unknown
    Log found in /dev/shm/runcommand.log (if relevant): TBA
    Guide used: none
    Emulator: mupen64plus

    Hope this all helps. Let me know if you need anything else. The pi is not overclocked in anyway. Heatsinks used.
    Ran through HDMI on a TV.

  • @goobatroopa
    Have you tried changing the graphics plugin for the rom? It is changed in the run command menu. I had a similar issue with another rom, but changing the graphics plugin fixed it for me, so try that first.

  • Which plugin are you using? If its mupen64plus-gliden64 than that is the reason its freezing. That plugin has issues on the pi that will cause the graphics to corrupt and the game crashes after about 15-20 mins of playtime. Switch to Mupen64plus-gles2n64 and Mario64 will work great.

  • @quicksilver I'll give this ago. It probably was about 20 minutes to be fair. Thanks.
    I had it set to Mupen64plus-Auto I think.

  • @goobatroopa Mupen64plus-auto attempts to pick the plugin for you. Was there an FPS counter on the screen while you were playing? If so, then it was using gliden64.

  • @quicksilver yes. It only appears in Mario64, not Mario kart 64 or Zelda.

  • @goobatroopa So any time you see that FPS counter pop up when you launch a game, know that it will crash after about 15-20 mins of playtime. You can utilize save states to work around that issue or try an alternative plugin for that particular game. The unfortunate thing is that gliden64 really is a good plugin and has high game compatibility, it just doesn't play nice with the pi. Hopefully the next generation of raspberry pi will resolve this issue.

  • @quicksilver thank you for explaining this. I'm very new to using the pi and Retropie for N64 games. I've mostly been playing Megadrive and SNES games with no fuss, but have been putting it through its paces of late playing Zelda OOC and Mario Kart 64. Surprisingly the latter plays beautifully. Zelda looks a bit shabby but plays great.

  • @goobatroopa gles2n64 saves the day. Thank you very much for your assistance @quicksilver

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