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Skyscraper help.

  • Official image, rpi 3b , multiple wired and wireless controllers.
    Ive decided to use skyscraper as the built in scraper is lucky to pick up 20% of my games.
    Skyscraper seems to be doing better- perhaps 90% of my 10000 roms but with about 10% still remaining unanswered that equates to about 1000 roms left without a description. I read somewhere that skyscraper can merge results from different databases but im not sure how that works or how to do it?
    Fyi- all my games had description etc until i reset my pi.

    Any advice or recommendations?

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    @MosaicDragon said in Skyscraper help.:

    Any advice or recommendations?

    Read the documentation on how to use Skyscraper ? It has pretty good information on how to use it and combine multiple data sources - see for instance

    Fyi- all my games had description etc until i reset my pi.

    And how did you scrape that information ?

  • @mitu i read it but was unsure as i really dont want to scrape each emulator seperately as per ( Skyscraper -p snes -s screenscraper) suggests. also i was wondering if that same thing could be done from the graphical interface. If not what command syntax would i use to scrape all roms/emulators?

    Originally i think i used the built in scraper from emulationstation and it scraped almost all of them but this time it did barely any.

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