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My little Retro NES / TV project

  • *Raspberry Pi 3B+
    *DVB-T Pi Hat
    *A RetroFlag NESPi Case Plus **
    *A Quimat GPIO Expansion Board
    *128Gb microSD card
    *Some DuPont wire connectors
    *A MCX male to MCX female right-angled pigtail 20cm cable (from eBay)

    *Latest RetroPie stable
    *tvHeadend packages
    *Kodi packages

    2019-01-07 at 9.14.48 PM.jpeg 2019-01-07 at 9.15.48 PM.jpeg 49938046_10212756079001646_6103942065773608960_n.jpg 49897233_10212756084201776_2329771040818855936_o.jpg

    Has all my emulators, old games, TV, PVR, network streaming or showing TV live, etc. on a modern HDMI device, with Wifi, Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth, using XBox 360 and other wireless controllers and keyboards, and looks like a classic NES...

    Very happy with that little project.

    ** Some Dremel required.

  • @ledow nice work. Very neatly done.

  • Does anybody not use Amazon Basics HDMI? They really seem to be the best bang for your buck

  • Also, seeing the Retroflag NES case makes me want to build yet another solo nintendo build just for the nostalgia of the case

  • @simpleethat I'm not going to pay more than necessary for what is basically a 1m copper cable. :-)

    AmazonBasics prices mean I can buy four or five for the price of anything in the local shops... and that means that those projects that never move, it literally makes no difference, and those where the cable gets a lot of use (e.g. lots of unplugging) can be replaced really cheaply.

    HDMI is nothing special.

  • @ledow I completely agree. All of my AV cables are AmazonBasics. I just got six HDMI for like $12

    correction They were $10 for three cables @ 3ft and I bought six. I'm to trying to slowly consolidate my living room and bedroom rat nests so I'm rewiring everything with shorter cables. On a sidenote, it's going to be really fun to rewire the network, but I'll get to install that switch finally, so yay for that!

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