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Raspbian and Node.js

  • Hello guys,

    I’ve a situation here and am completely new (and late) into the Retropie Game. Hopefully I can get some opinions and help here!
    I’ve a HTML 5 game coded in .js and would like to adapt it on my raspberry pi. I’ve installed my Raspian and I’m not sure what my next step should be.

    Please let me know how I should go about doing it.

    The project I’m thinking of doing is to install this whole set up in an arcade machine.
    Is there any way I could set controller for this? (Joystick and buttons)
    Based on my research, I should be looking at GPIO. But I’m just not sure how we can customise the controls or install it.

    Lastly, is there function Whereby it’ll enter the game screen straight away when it’s switched on?

    I know it’s really a lot queries! But I appreciate anyone that can help me out on this!
    Thank you in advance!

  • open webbrowser of choice... open main file. run like normal webbrowser

  • @Tom_Neverwinter hello Tom!
    Thanks for your response.
    We will like to take it offline, as we’re envisioning it to be run on an arcade cabinet. (A game like Pac man)

  • Global Moderator

    You can probably set-up something like a Kiosk mode with Chromium started on boot. See for instance How you install your application on the Raspbian system is up to you - you have the code and the installation instructions.

  • HI @mitu !
    I will try it out! Appreciate your response! :)
    How would you run the game file though, without browser. Is downloading Node.js the right way?

  • Global Moderator

    @Lynn said in Raspbian and Node.js:

    Is downloading Node.js the right way?

    Probably ? I don't know what are the details regarding your game, but since you have developed it - you should know more about installing and running it.

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