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Background images, coming back, again!

  • Re: [Background images](coming back!!!)

    Well, I have some time to spend this week, lets see if I can fill the gaps of images on the tronkyfran theme. I know this systems are not possible to emulate on the pi right now but hey, in the future who knows. MEnawhile Pc is doing a nice progress on them with some new emulators...

    wiiu_02_f.jpg wiiu_01_f.jpg switch_02_f.jpg switch_01_f.jpg

  • @tronkyfran awesome to see you are still working on this. Your theme was one of the first I used when setting up my pi but had to stop using it because it didn't support all my systems. Look forward to what you come up with next.

  • So glad to see your back on the theme again! your renders are incredible.

    What systems are on your to-do list?

  • Well, in this order:

    MegaCD, 32X, Saturn, NeoGeo Pocket, Wonderswan, Virtual Boy, ZX-81, turbografx CD.
    If someone needs anything else I'm open to suggestions!!!

  • administrators

    @tronkyfran very nice!

  • Your theme was the first one I really enjoyed and is still one of my favorites. Keep up the awesome work!

  • @tronkyfran Is there a master list of the systems that your theme currently supports?

  • That list looks good to me @tronkyfran :)

    Only other suggestions I would add are XBox, Wii and Jaguar as they have screenshot backgrounds instead of the consoles.

    But I understand that a lot of work if you have to model the consoles too. I've just put together a render of the XBOX as there was a model available online.


    I know a while back you also mentioned that the render for favorite games was a bit rushed? I put together this render below of a Gold NES cartridge for a modified Chicuelo theme I'm working on. Maybe something like this might work better?

    Gold NES Cartridge.jpg

  • @Wildfire Thats a pretty good render!!! Would You mind to share the model? I would like to try Xbox too, and modeling is the least fun part to me . I like a lot your idea for the favourites section, but If I can give you some suggestion, Id make the background pop out a bit more(maybe using a radial gradient?).

  • Thanks @tronkyfran, the XBox model can be found here :

    Also if you wanted to try the cartridge render for yourself that model is here :

    I was wondering wither to put some sort of label on the cartridge too. I think as you mentioned a gold gradient in the bg would make it stand out so I'll revisit that render for my modded theme :)

    Hopefully the models on GrabCAD are in the right format for you. The file types tend to vary as they are from multiple platforms with no standard output but you might get lucky. If you can't import the files let me know and I can try to convert the files to .obj format in Keyshot.

    Also if you search the website they have a few models of the Nintendo Wii which could be fun to render!

  • @tronkyfran said in Background images, coming back, again!:

    tronkyfran theme

    Thank you for these. Any chance you can upload them without game images on the screens? I also noticed several missing systems due to "no emulation, no theme" and I was wondering if they are a work in progress still or if this is all done?


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