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Vice (C64) default speed setting too fast for a Pie 3 B?

  • I always thought that in my age, reaction time became extremely badly when it came to playing games but only in the Vice emulator.
    E.g. Aztec Challenge: No any way to manage level one anymore.
    Now yesterday I changed the speed setting in the Vice configuration to 95 % and it seems to me more realistic to what the original C64 was like when it comes to gaming performance.
    Keeping in mind I am running on a Raspberry Pie 3 B, is it possible that the Vice default speed setting of 100% became a bit unrealistic and hence, for a more authentic approach has to be reduced?

    Any experiences/thoughts on this?

  • Are you playing 50hz (PAL) games on an emulated NTSC (60hz) C64?

  • Hmm - might be. I don't really have an overview on the refresh rate compared between all my C64 games and the actual emulation rate.
    Maybe let's focus on Vice in that case: I have installed Vice out of the Retropie Setup. What should the C64 emulation run on-default in that case: NTSC (60 Hz) or PAL (50 HZ)?

  • I will look tomorrow when i reset my controller. Today i play some C64 also and was not to fast, i will try that game what you test.

  • It seems this got solved for me:
    I just finished to set my default video resolution for each emulator I use and also within the global config.txt (boot folder) to CEA-4 (720p) since my Pie is connected to my HD LCD TV.
    Now the speed seems to be normal (slower than before) at 100%.
    I find this a bit odd, since with other EMUs, e.g. N64 game performance became considerably better (read - faster -), which makes sense because of the lower resultion saving processing power.

  • Unless it explicitly says otherwise C64 roms (and Amiga, Spectrum, CPC ... all the classic 'mostly' European home computer systems) are PAL and run at the correct speed and music pitch on an emulated PAL C64. The problem then becomes running a 50hz system against a fixed 60hz refresh rate LCD, causing jerky scrolling, which you solved by switching TV mode. 'Mostly' NTSC systems with NTSC romsets like SNES and Genesis need to run at 60hz though (otherwise it's jerky scrolling and wrong speed again, this time too slow), so there should be a way to dynamically switch refresh rate for each system. I'm working on it, but my bash scripting skills are low to non-existent :)

    And yes, once you cross into 3D systems it's another ballgame completely.

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