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Virtualboy running too fast on CRT with RGB

  • Using the latest retropie image specifically tuned for Pi2Scart, everything other system works flawlessly however VirtualBoy is running what feels like at 1.5x. No hickups or anything, just faster, there's no fast forward on.

    Is there a speed setting I could adjust somewhere for this core? Scrolled through all of the advanced option settings, tried the slowmotion function but doesn't seem to work with VB.

    Googling a bit I see that VB is supposed to run at 50Hz, could there be something related to that since my CRT is receiving a PAL60 signal from the pi? Using VB with my other retropie image for LCD's it'll run at the correct speed.

    The emulator is lr beetle vb. Appreciate any help.

  • Adding this line to Mednafen VB.cfg:

    video_refresh_rate = “50.0”

    Fixes the timing issue, hope this post helps anyone with the same issue. Runs great now!

    ( btw, definitely lower the audio_out_rate to around 33200 or something like that, and sample fidelity to lower and add some audio time skew, no framedrops or sound skips now that I could notice even when playing in 3d )

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