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  • @digitech Welcome to the Forum. We always appreciate new faces who wants to contribute.

  • @digitech, I thank you for your support. I don't work for that, but it's always appreciated. And if you want to contribute, you are welcome.

  • Oh, the last days were so hot that I was not able to work as expected. Today, I will not post what I wanted. I am sorry for that, but I will release the 3 initialy planned overlays when the weather will be cooler. But I still could work a little, and here's what I did this week.

    The Speed Rumbler (Capcom):
    The Speed Rumbler 1080p overlay

    As every time, it's available from here, from my github repository or from @meleu rpie-art script.
    Next time, if the weather is better, I will give you three new overlays. So stay tuned.

  • loved that speed rumble bezel, so georgeous to look at

  • Hi all, even if I am late, this time I give you 3 new overlays. Ok, I am one week late, but that's better than nothing.
    So the 3 games of the week are :

    Super Bagman (Valodon / Stern) - this overlay was originally created by Krakerman. I just modified it to fit the design of the collection.
    Super Bagman 1080p overlay

    Side Trak (Exidy) :
    Side Trak 1080p overlay

    Lady Bug (Universal):
    Lady Bug 1080p overlay

    All those overlays are available here, in my github repostory, on in the @meleu rpie-art tool.

    Good week everyone and stay tuned for mode stuff.

  • @nono6493 Thank you! I always admire and appreciate your work, keep them coming.

  • Sometime I am lazy, I don't want to work at all. Sorry for you guys, but that time happened this week. But some bezels are so simple that even when you are lazy, you can do them. Thanks to Taito, they have done some for men like me.

    Jungle Hunt (Taito):
    Jungle Hunt 1080p overlay

    Space Dungeon (Taito):
    Space Dungeon 1080p overlay

    Wild Western (Taito):
    Wild Western 1080p overlay

    Thank you @Brigane for your support. Next time, you will have some more famous games overlays before holidays. So stay tuned.

  • @nono6493 First- I have to say THANKS for all the work you've put into these overlays for us. They add a fantastic new "feel" to the play experience. The work that you, @UDb23, @simbz23, @Andrew-H20, @meleu and others is greatly appreciated and I'm constantly refreshing the @meleu rpi-art script hoping for new works.
    Fanboy stuff aside I want to let you know your Anteater overlay has a problem with the actual filename not matching the cfg file . It seems you left out the 6493 part of the filename. Much thanks again for the beautiful work!

  • Thank you @passionforpins for your support. It's always nice to know that some people like your work. The Anteater overlay should be fixed now. Do not hesitate to report other issues if you find some.

  • Every thing must end one day. Today is the end. Here are my 3 last overlays. Do not worry, it's just before holydays. I will come back at the end of august or beginning of september. Perhaps, if I have time, I will release one or two small things during this month to keep you awake. But do not expect too much.

    Today, I give you three overlays for three classics. Some are more famous than other, but they are all a part of my gaming history. Let's go :

    Mappy (Namco):
    Mappy 1080p overlay

    Popeye (Nintendo):
    Popeye 1080p Overlay

    And of course "The Classic" Mario Bros (Nintendo):
    Mario Bros 1080p overlay

    As everytime, all this stuff is available here, in my reporistory or in the @meleu rpie-art script.

    Now I will relax a little bit and prepare the next season. I wish happy holydays to every one and hope to see you again in a little bit more than a month.

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