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Updated Retropie and now having controller problems in retroarch

  • Raspberry pi 3 B+

    Hi I'm fairly new to using retropie just got mine set up and added some stuff to it. Yesterday I went into retropie setup script then I updated the script then on that same little grey box I did an update and then I think I did a basic install. After that a black screen came up and a bunch of commands started scrolling down for a little bit and then I got back on and everything was running fine until I got into one of my games and I found out the controller setup that I had on retroarch was not the same. Instead of just being user 1 and 2 like it was before it added users 4 and 5 and auto before the controller . when I had it set up for my Microsoft Xbox One controller which I'm using the Plug and Play kit USB cord to use the Xbox controller I had set up retroarch before so that the commands on the buttons were perfect. now I have all these button inputs multiple ones with "Auto" in front of them. I scrolled past all the auto and set the controller back up the way I would like it for the fighting game that I was playing and then told it to save game remap for it to save that controller the way I had it before just like the last time when I first set it up but now it won't accept the controller set up that I put in. If I go through all the auto options before it hits the actual buttons for the controller that I have and I make them as if they don't have any button inputs on them with the little dotted line then it becomes completely unresponsive. Only other problem that I can see the also the aspect ratio also won't stay the same one that I keep setting it up for. I'm trying to keep from having to put a fresh install retropie on the fix this, anyone know how to fix this? Thank you

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    Please add more info about your system , as described in - particularly about your RetroPie version and which image did you use.

  • @mitu could you please explain image and where to find it to me please, thank you

    The version I downloaded was v4.4

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    @outlaw52000 said in Updated Retropie and now having controller problems in retroarch:

    The version I downloaded was v4.4

    Where did you downloaded from ? Was is the RetroPie site ( or somewhere else ?

  • @mitu yes from the retropie site

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    Please add more info - what controllers/devices do you have connected ? How are they all connected (USB/Bluetooth) ? How many do you have ?
    Did you use 'Save configuration' in RetroArch or just the input remapping options ?

  • @mitu I stated in the paragraph that I was using a microsoft Xbox One controller and I had it connected using the USB charge and play kit.

    Retroarch, then controls, changed the setting then did the save to game remap

  • I have a similar issue:
    Having 2 PS 3 controllers, yesterday I performed sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.
    After that, the controllers still paired, however auto-logon failed.
    Then I chose to update all packages from the Retropie setup.
    After that I rebooted, and then the controllers didn't pair anymore.

    I will roll back to my last image, anyway I think some mess was being built into the latest update components. Obviously I'm not the only one having logon and controller pairing issues after the recent updates...

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