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  • Re: Minimal Theme
    I've been using EmulationStation as an emulator front end on windows and after checking dozens of themes I decided to stay with the minimal theme from lilbud and change it a little bit but I cannot figure out how to change the system name showing on the upper right corner in the gamelist. I want to change it to the systems logo. Is there anyone who could tell me exactly where to look at? I'm a completely noob but I figured out how to change certain things on this theme and I already have the logos that I want to use.

  • @pit1209 Okay

    Update your theme from the retropie-setup

    I made another layout file named "V1-logo.xml". Open the "theme.xml" file and change the third line to match the new file named above.

    When you have all your logos, place them in the art folder with the proper names. (Whatever system you have a logo for, delete the existing one and name your new one exactly like the old one.) Make sure it is an svg.

  • @lilbud Can you please tell me how to make that manually, I mean I cannot update trough retropie because I'm using just emulationstation through windows and when I try to change the theme.xml looks like I'm doing something wrong because it's not working. PS: I'm trying to use the no metadata layout I don't know how can affect the changes.

  • @pit1209 Sorry, missed that part.

    Download this file:

    (Right click - save as - xml file)

    This is the new xml file.

    Place this in the layouts folder. But follow that part about editing the theme.xml. Change the include line from "V2.xml" to "V1-logo.xml"

  • @lilbud I'm really sorry for so many questions, I'm just completely new to this kind of stuffs. When you say theme.xml,are you referring to the one located in the theme folder or the one in every system folder? because I tried to change the one in the system folder to instead of using the square layout to use the V1-logo and it doesn't work. Do you want me to add the line or substitute the layout?

  • @pit1209 There isn't an xml for each system. There is one theme.xml in the root of the folder. That is the one you modify.

    The file I said to download goes in the "layouts" folder.

  • @lilbud Ok I think probably we are talking about different folders. In the theme that I downloaded there is a theme.xml in every system folder eg: gba, in fact that were the .xml that I modified to change the system logo and add the system image in the theme. The other theme.xml located in the root folder has lot of code and when I try to do what you told me it doesn't work on my end. I have the v1-logo.xml in the layouts folder where the other layouts are like square and horizontal. The theme.xml located in each system folder has the code to include the layouts but when I try to change the line to include the v1-logo instead of square the program does not start, there must be something wrong I'm doing. I apologize.

  • @pit1209 We are talking about the minimal theme right?

    There is only ONE theme.xml for the whole theme, and it only exists to point to different layout files. That is the one you modify.

  • @lilbud I have other version then.
    Is there any difference? the change, can it be done on this one?

  • @pit1209 I didn't even know someone copied my theme and passed it off as their own. Thanks for telling me.

    I'd say just delete that one and download my minimal theme, it has all the files I mentioned above.

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