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C64: Having trouble with both vice-x64 and lr-vice

  • I've been tinkering with a Pimoroni Picade, and overall it's been a good experience, even for old PC games. However, I'm completely stuck in terms of C64 emulation. I've tried both cores and have found both unsuitable.

    vice-c64 appears to have the following limitations:

    • Permits remapping of joysticks to keys, but has no capacity for remapping the keyboard, and the limited number of Picade keys cannot be mapped to any game that requires anything but joystick input (which is a whole lot of them).

    • Only configurable through in-emulator menus, not through RetroArch. And the in-emulator menus are controlled by a keyboard (which is unusable as per point #1).

    • As a complete dealbreaker, it can only be exited through the in-game menu (once again, point #1) - so if you happen to be playing on a Picade, the options for exiting any game are (1) hook up an external keyboard, (2) SSH into the machine and either kill the process or reboot, or (3) yank the power cable.

    lr-vice appears to have the following limitations:

    • lr-vice is RetroArch-compliant, so you can exit the emulator the usual way in RetroArch. The primary way to configure it is via an in-emulator GUI that is accessed by hitting F12. However... the GUI appears to be broken and does not accept any input. Mouse input doesn't register, and keyboard input works in the rest of the emulator but not in the GUI - including RetroArch input, such as the exit button. So the only ways to exit the emulator once you've stumbled into the GUI are (1) SSH into the machine and either kill the process or reboot, or (2) yank the power cable.

    • There's at least one thread indicating that lr-vice is not only experimental but an abandoned effort, so expectations of further bugfixes, development, or support may be unfounded.

    Needless to say... I am not having a good time here.

    Can anyone tell me if they've succeeded with adequate C64 interaction in RetroPie? Especially using a console-like setup such as the Picade?

  • vice-64 works great for me on the RPI, played many games with it. I change the keyboard to positional instead of the default symbolic but I don't do any "remapping". I just use a bluetooth keyboard.

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